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Requirements 4.2 or higher


The description of 荒野行动 1.102

The description of Wildlands Ops - 荒野行动 Wildlands Ops is a FPS action mobile game, based on the theme of 3D gunplay. Multiplayer online competition and hard survival adventure experience bring you into a real wilderness world. Only through strength and survival ability will you live to the end!In this world chaos game, you should not only face the threat from the enemy, but also be care of wild creatures and weird phenomenon. Only the weapons in your hands are the security guarantees.You become a warrior to save the human in Wildlands Ops, and show you shooting skill in this battlefield. In this high quality game, you will experience the immersive feeling.Virtual joysticks + virtual shot joysticks as its main mode of operation, and shooting as its core. Gain the core experience of FPS gameplay and modern realistic world.Features:1.Vehicle systemAs the map is so huge, in order to facilitate the movement, the player is provided with a vehicle. The use of vehicle tool will give you a faster transfer effect, and enter into the safe area faster and easier.Approach to the edge of vehicle, there is "driving" or "ride" interaction. Choose to drive, you can drive the vehicle to move. Choose to ride, you need select the driving seat to drive the car.2. Parachuting systemAt the beginning of the game, the player will be transported to 1000 meters above, then the player can freely choose their own parachute time, and select the landing location.In the parachuting process, the player can determine the direction of their own movement through the joystick, thus selecting the landing area3.Safe area /gas zoneIn order to ensure that each battle can be finished in the certain time, the game designed with the Safe Area and Gas Zone. Safe Area will continue to shrink with the game process, and the players outside the Safe Area will continue to be hurt.Blue range for the Gas Zone, while the white area for the Safe Area. Players need to continue to move, and reach the Safe Area to win the game.In addition, the game scene is 40.96 million square meters, every single round of game can support up to 100 people involved.
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