Download SCR888_2.0.apk

Technical Details

  • File name:com.scrhome.scrapps-2.0.apk
  • version:2.0
  • Size:54.15 MB
  • Offered by:Fantastic OP
  • OS:Android


android.permission.INTERNETAllows to access internet network.
android.permission.CHANGE_NETWORK_STATEAllows to change network connectivity state.
android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATEAllows to change Wi-Fi connectivity state.
android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATEAllows to access information about networks.
android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATEAllows to access information about Wi-Fi networks.
android.permission.VIBRATEAllows access to the vibrator.
android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATEAllows read only access to phone state.
android.permission.MOUNT_UNMOUNT_FILESYSTEMSAllows mounting and unmounting file systems for removable storage.
android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEAllows to write to external storage such as SD card.
android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATIONAllows to access precise location from location sources such as GPS, cell towers and Wi-Fi.
android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATIONAllows to access approximate location derived from network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi.
android.permission.CONTROL_LOCATION_UPDATESAllows enabling/disabling location update notifications from the radio.
android.permission.DELETE_CACHE_FILESAllows to delete cache files.
android.permission.DELETE_PACKAGESAllows to uninstall other apps.
android.permission.DUMPAllows to retrieve state dump information from system services.
android.permission.EXPAND_STATUS_BARAllows to expand or collapse the status bar.
android.permission.GET_PACKAGE_SIZEAllows to find out the space used by any app.
android.permission.GET_TASKSAllows to get information about the currently or recently running tasks.
android.permission.INSTALL_PACKAGESAllows to install apps.
android.permission.KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSESAllows to terminate background process.
android.permission.NFCAllows to perform I/O operations over NFC.
android.permission.READ_CONTACTSAllows to read the user's contacts data.
android.permission.READ_FRAME_BUFFERAllows to take screen shots and more generally get access to the frame buffer data.
android.permission.SEND_SMSAllows to send SMS messages.
android.permission.STATUS_BARAllows to open, close, or disable the status bar and its icons.
android.permission.SUBSCRIBED_FEEDS_READAllows to read the subscribed feeds ContentProvider.
android.permission.SUBSCRIBED_FEEDS_WRITEAllows to write the subscribed feeds ContentProvider.
android.permission.WRITE_SMSAllows to write SMS messages.
android.permission.BATTERY_STATSAllows to collect battery statistics.
android.permission.BROADCAST_WAP_PUSHAllows to broadcast a WAP PUSH receipt notification.
android.permission.BROADCAST_STICKYAllows to broadcast sticky intents.
android.permission.CAMERAAllows to use the camera device.
android.permission.DOWNLOAD_WITHOUT_NOTIFICATIONApp customer permission.
android.permission.READ_LOGSAllows to read the low-level system log files.
android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEAllows to read from external storage such as SD card.
android.permission.READ_CALL_LOGAllows to read the user's call log.

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