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Aug 20 2020
Muscle and Motion
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Strength training app is a cross-platform app with 1 Million users. See why millions of fitness professionals & enthusiasts love our 4000+ high-quality videos, 800+ muscle & strength improving exercises & 70+ stretches that are beautifully analyzed in 3D animations. BECOME A MOVEMENT PROFESSIONAL– GET A GREAT SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE“Strength Training app by Muscle&Motion” is a professional and interactive advanced anatomy and exercise app containing over 4000 3D high-quality videos, tips, and theory in the topics of muscle, movement, and fitness that are guaranteed to help you become a pro in your field.PERFECT 3D ANIMATIONS WITH MUSCLE ANATOMYEach exercise is animated with a see-through human body animation so you can understand each exercise easily. See why we have millions of fitness enthusiasts & professional athletes and trainers using our app to find muscle strength exercises & understand the muscle anatomy.STRENGTH TRAINING APP IS USED BY CLOSE TO A MILLION USERS WORLDWIDE, INCLUDING:☑️ Personal Fitness Trainers & Fitness Coaches☑️ Pilates, Dance & Yoga Instructors, Teachers☑️ Bodybuilders, Weight Lifters & Athletes☑️ Chiropractors and Physical, Occupational and Massage Therapists☑️ Kinesiology & Anatomy Students and University & College Professors☑️ Fitness Lovers & TraineesSTRENGTH TRAINING ANALYSIS VIDEOS: ANATOMY, METHODS & TECHNIQUES: ☑️ Show trainees which muscles are stimulated during exercise and illustrate perfect form and technique.☑️ Learn crucial nuances for every exercise through our unique library of educational videos☑️ Includes videos on strength training anatomy, weight training, weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding OVER 800 MUSCLE TRAINING & STRENGTH EXERCISES ANALYZED, INCLUDING: ☑️ Bench press, leg press, shoulder press☑️ Dead-lift, clean, snatch, power clean☑️ Lunges☑️ Curls: preacher curl, leg curl, bicep-curl☑️ Squats, chair squat, full squat, front squat☑️ Pull-ups, push-ups, pull-downs☑️ Extensions: Leg extension, back extension, triceps extension,☑️ Chest-fly, shoulder fly☑️ Lateral-raise, leg-raise☑️ Crunch, sit-ups, core training exercises☑️ Upright row, bent over row☑️ Hip abductor☑️ Seated calf raise, standing calf raise☑️ And much more!STRENGTH TRAINING COMMON MISTAKES: Clearly, show clients how common mistakes in training may affect them.CONTENT INCLUDED: ☑️ Dos & don’ts videos in training☑️ Injury Prevention☑️ Causes of common limitationsCORE TRAINING ANATOMY: ☑️ Learn the theory and secrets behind Core Training.☑️ Watch special videos containing more than one hour of footage!Stretching Exercise Analysis Videos:70 STRETCHES ANALYZED, INCLUDING: ☑️ Trunk Stretches☑️ Hip Stretches☑️ Leg Stretches☑️ Upper Body Stretches☑️ Neck StretchesMUSCULOSKELETAL ANATOMY & KINESIOLOGY VIDEOS: Master the minute distinctions of muscular movement, watching how they function as a group over each joint. Strengthen your understanding of muscular anatomy in motion.MUSCLE STRENGTH EXERCISES & GAIN STRENGHT CONTENT INCLUDED: ☑️ Anatomy of the human body muscular system (including essential anatomy)☑️ Specific analysis and functions of all muscles and muscle groups ☑️ Animations, pictures, and diagrams that teach you how muscles move and work ☑️ 3D anatomy of the human skeletal system including bone and joint analysisAFFORDABLE SUBSCRIPTIONOur subscription is a pay-once & use anywhere model. Use across your smartphones, desktop computer, tablets.You can log-in to the Free Trial which allows you to watch 25% of the Videos.After purchasing a subscription, you will get 100% full access to all the Videos.Feel free to send us feedback for suggestions and improvements.With any question, we are here for you at [email protected] you a fruitful and exciting learning experienceThank you!The Muscle and Motion team

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