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Oct 05 2020
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version 161
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File name com.zelo_fasting.zelo-161.apk
OS Require 4.4 or higher
Category Health & Fitness


Zero Calories - fasting tracker for weight loss is a very light and simple fasting tracker. It allows users to modify fasting time and length of the fast, track body weight, body measures, ketones, glucose and body fat.You can also use group fasting for fast with your friends.Main features:✔ Track fast time✔ Edit start time✔ Edit end time✔ Track weight ✔ Widget for track time✔ Compare weight to fast time✔ Track body measures✔ Export data to csv✔ Set notifications for start fast✔ Set notifications for end fast✔ Create custom fast time✔ Create prolonged fasts (up to 40 days)✔ Sync data with web✔ Print fast data and weight loss from web✔ Track ketones✔ Track glucose✔ Track body fat✔ Track body measures✔ Fast with friendsIntermittent fasting benefits:✔ CELL REPAIRDuring a fast, your body will rid of waste materials inside the cells and dead cells themselves while repairing and rebuilding new stronger cells. ✔ LONGEVITY AND DISEASE PREVENTIONGene expression is something that happens where your body experiences changes in genes, cells and molecules directly related to life span and disease prevention.✔ INSULIN LEVELSFasting can help improve insulin sensitivity, which has been shown to help lose more body fat and/or store less body fat from the food taken in.✔ GROWTH HORMONE BOOSTThis can help to regulate body composition, body fluids, muscle and bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism, and possibly heart function. ✔ TESTOSTERONEFasting has been shown to directly bump levels of testosterone in men due to helping our androgen receptors, which contributes to increasing testosterone.✔ LOSE WEIGHTAll of the above can already help you lose body fat and drop some pounds. But one of the biggest drivers in intermittent fasting that is leading to weight loss is the fact that it’s easier to adhere to a caloric deficit on a daily basis.✔ METABOLISM INCREASESDue to the bodies natural hormonal boosts, insulin improvement and survival mechanisms, your metabolism can actually bump up and become faster due to intermittent fasting. ✔ STRESS AND INFLAMMATIONIntermittent fasting was shown to help improve oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. ✔ HEART HEALTHYSome studies were done showing that intermittent fasting may actually help improve cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and inflammatory markers.✔ CANCER PREVENTIONFasting has been shown to help in the regeneration of cells which could be a possible aid in preventing or helping manage cancer.✔ GUT HEALTHIntermittent fasting has been shown to help aid the GI tract in digestion and also protect your gut bacteria, both due to the anti-inflammatory benefits of fasting.Our Website :

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